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Published: Mused

March 2017

The end crust had self-esteem issues

Other slices were thicker and less crusty

He hoped to find a soulmate in his world 

But every encounter was a mismatch

It didn't help when he kept getting bypassed

Many encounters were brief, barely touching

Then they were quickly gone

Some lingered, but the fit was never quite the right

Many colleagues were friendly

And thanked him for keeping them fresh

Yet, as they paired up with others

He tried to stay upbeat

It wore him down

To be left in a dwindling bag

Though everyone had a crust

Apparently he was over-endowed

When almost all was lost, he met her

They came together and merged

Both knew it was a perfect crusty match

The greatest thing since sliced bread

Love in a Bread Bag: Work
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